An Internet Secret Most Network Marketing

network marketingEvery successful entrepreneur knows that they must:

A- Have A Professional Web Presence
B- Build A Network Of As Many People As Possible
C- Focus On Marketing To A “Targeted” Audience
D- Put Their Business On “Autopilot” Using Auto-Responders
E- Communicate With Their Network Regularly & Market To Them For Life

However, I am about to share with you an Internet Secret Most Network Marketing Giants Don’t Even Know About, and it is a way to accomplish all of the above for FREE!

I want to introduce you to the power of using YAHOO! GROUPS.

A “Yahoo! Group” is a safe & secure, and spam-protected group – which consists of family, friends, business associates, book groups, newsletter mailing lists, etc. – that uses Yahoo! Groups to privately share info, images, ideas, emails and more.

Yahoo! Groups is an extremely highly effective way of finding, communicating with and marketing to a large number TARGETED individuals!

(You find these groups by visiting:

[Yahoo! Groups offers free mailing lists, photo & file sharing, group calendars and more. Discuss hot topics, share interests, join online communities.] – Yahoo!

There Are Two Main Ways Of Using Yahoo! Groups:

1 – Join & Post To Yahoo! Groups

You can Join & Post To A Group by going to the Yahoo! Groups homepage and doing a search for the type of group you are looking to find. (your targeted audience)

You will then select from the list of groups available and visit one of the group’s main-page, where you will find a “JOIN GROUP” link.

Once a member of this group, you will be able to browse the groups info, access their files, and most importantly – post a message to all of the groups members at one time!

2 – Start Your Own Yahoo! Group

It is incredibly easy to start your own Yahoo! Group.

First, you’d find the “START GROUP” link at the Yahoo! Groups homepage, and you would choose the category in which your groups is placed.

Next, you’d follow the steps to design your group’s homepage, plug in your welcome emails, files, photos, ect. – And you would promote your group online to build up your member base.

Finally, you would communicate with and market to this group as often as possible… Maintaining a professional-yet-personable relationship for years to come.

The Benefits Of Starting, Joining & Posting To Yahoo! Groups Include:

~ GREAT PLACE TO START – Especially if you do not have a professional domain yet!

~ LIST BUILDING – Build a massive network of personal relationships that you can profit off of for life!

~ TARGETED AUDIENCE – You’ll no longer market to “just anybody.” Now you’ll easily hit your target!

~ MASS COMMUNICATION – Send an email to thousands of people at the touch of a button!

~ SOCIAL NETWORKING – This is a great place for you to practice your “Social Networking” skills!

~ ABSOLUTE CONTROL – You decide who sees your homepage, or who joins and posts to your group!

~ NO LIMITS – There is no limit to the number of members you have or messages you send to them!

~ UNLIMITED CAMPAIGNS – You can pretty much start as many different groups as you want!

~ FREE “AUTO-RESPONDER” – Use the “File” and “Scheduled Mailing” options to essentially create a free auto-responder campaign!


I would like to leave you with my final thought, which is this…We as network marketers build our capture pages & newsletter subscriber lists, and we could spend a whole month trying to generate just 100 leads for our business.

That’s just 100 people that we added to our network & that we can market to, and a month’s worth of work! Now consider this – TODAY you will: Join just 10 groups – with 5,000 members each, totaling 50,000 new people added to your network.

Start 10 groups – acquiring just 2,000 members each, totaling 20,000 new people added to your network. That Is A Grand Total Of 70,000 New Prospects Added Into Your Network… IN JUST ONE DAY! Now do you see the incredible power of using Yahoo! Groups? Now rinse & repeat using MSN groups! Please don’t take the information I just shared with you lightly. If you implement just the few strategies that I mentioned above, you are surely going to see a significant rise in the quality of your network & an increase of profits.

Good Luck… And Never Stop Learning!

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