Make Money Selling Trash

Selling TrashI know, it is not glamorous but it is getting me through my hard times in this economy.There are two ways to look at trash. Lets explore them both.

The first is “recycle”. The scrap metal business is huge. Scrap iron, copper, brass, aluminum, and much more!

The second is “resale”. People put out all kinds of usable stuff. Furniture, toys, lawn equipment, and much more!

Here are some things that help in the beginning to get prepared. A truck or trailer ( I did this in my car but limits space) helps. Know the heavy pickup days for trash in the neighborhoods around you. Having a good set of gloves. Find a scrap metal recycling center close to you. Know where you can have a garage sale.

Recycling is one of my favorites. I only hold my scrap for a day and then sell it to the scrap yard the next day. I collect appliances, bed frames, ceiling fans, metal futons,etc.. I pull the copper wire out when it is easy to do because its worth more. I will cover that in another article. Just for scrap mixed metal you get about $6.00 for a 100 pounds. Does not sound like much but it is easy to get a 100 pounds of scrap. For example; a refrigerator, washer, microwave, futon, hot water heater, and five bikes weigh about 800 pounds. That is $48.00 tax free!

Resale is great also. While your looking around pick up anything that can be reused. Clean it up a little save it up for a month and have a garage sale. I make at least $300 every time I have one.

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